About Four Corners Housing Co-op

Four Corners Housing Co-operative is a “Not-For-Profit” Housing Co-operative of a 121 units Specializing in affordable Co-operative Housing and Living. We are a Community working with governments to provide affordable housing,  and are a member of The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF) for 30 Years. Together with the combined efforts of Four Corners Members, Volunteers, Committees and Board of Directors appointed by its members;  help govern Four Corners Housing Co-operative.


Four Corners Housing  is also assisted by an external management team  Pathways Housing Services.

If you are already a member and are interested in joining a committee
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This housing development has 121 housing units located throughout the Town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Most of our houses are situated in the Havelock Drive, Belmont Crescent area. Others are to be found in the southwest corner of Yarmouth as well as the upper part of Parade Street. Housing co-operatives in Yarmouth began in 1978 with a small project that was named South End Housing Co-operative. This first step was quickly followed with the establishment of 6 other small co-ops throughout the town. An umbrella group out of St. Anne’s University sponsored all of these Co-ops aswell as others in neighbouring Counties. Over the years South End Co-op absorbed a few of the smaller Co-ops that had developed problems. By the year 2000, it was evident that something had to be done if the existing housing Co-operatives were to continue to be viable. In cooperation with the Province, a plan was devised that would see the Province inject funds to rehabilitate the Co-op’s houses. These funds would be in the form of a second mortgage. The then four Co-ops in Yarmouth would merge into one larger Co-operative. Four Corners HousingCo-operative Ltd. Is the result of this merger. The primary mission of housing Co-operatives like ours is to provide non-profit housing in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It is not a home ownership program, nor is it a typical rental situation. Within the confines of the Tenancies Act, the membership through its board of directors and sub-committees make all the administrative decisions. We are subsidized by Government to keep housing charges [rents] at the low end of local market values. There are also funds available to assist members who need assistance to pay these housing charges. These latter funds are limited so these allocations are made on a first come first served basis.

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